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Russell Courtenay

I have been I touch with Mr. Coy about his timesaver and saved a photo some time ago, looks like a nice implementation. I don’t like 3-rail but love the size of my O scale stuff, and am very appreciative of the volume production the 3-rail crowd brings to The King Of Scales. I am now working on converting mine to Proto:48 ‘finescale’...

I just noticed he has a couple ore jimmies here, I’ve wanted some since I was a kid and finally got 4 this month. 

Russell Courtenay
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On May 25, 2020, at 5:44 PM, Charles Kinzer <ckinzer@...> wrote:

I had posted last year about an article in the April/May 2019 O Gauge Railroading magazine about a O Gauge 3-Rail Timesaver.  (In the 3-Rail world, it is usually called “O Gauge” and not “O Scale”.)  It used Lionel FasTrack.


This one in the NMRA magazine using Ross Custom switches and, I presume, GarGraves track otherwise, is certainly more realistic looking.


Charles E. “Chuck” Kinzer


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The June, 2020 issue of NMRA Magazine features an article by John Robert Coy about how he built a Timesaver in O Scale.  It is actually 3-rail O Scale.  It looks great.

Ken Vandevoort


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