Re: [EXTERNAL] Re: [EXTERNAL] Re: [GandD] The Bob Hogan 1964 Photo Galley is now on

Randy Lee Decker

Well it is all conjecture anyway...  but like I said John's layout was built for operations more than aesthetics.  The fact that most of us were blown away by the look and details and could overlook things like the couplers is just all part of John's talents showing through.  The Baker vs Kadee couplers is something apparently John felt strongly about.  I did not know all this. 
   I always thought he did not want to change as he was used to making them work like a charm and he had hundreds of cars already set up with them and by the time he got the layout done on Cielo Vista Terrace the operators all knew how to work them and he had the bugs worked out of his layout fairly well and did not want to change.  But if he had an actual dislike for the product then I am sure they would have never ended up on his cars even in later years. 
On a personal NOTE...   ;  I have grown so accustomed to the size of the Kadee's I don't even see how out of scale they are anymore.  I bet true scale couplers would look very least for a while.     Now the HOn3 couplers are better.....  If Kadee made an N scale version that would be close enough to be of usable size and satisfy the most discerning modelers tastes........ IMHO   
 In the meantime they do resemble the real thing to the human eye from 3' well enough for me.... and in truth....only the most particularly anal model maker would care enough to mention it, much less take notice.


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