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Charles Kinzer

Well, the technology has sure changed the model railroading hobby a lot.  (For those who want the new capabilities, some still use DC and make wood kits.  But I guess electricity was new at one time.)


I have often wondered what John Allen would have done with the technology, or not, if he were around.  While he was luddite about Kadee couplers, apparently for practical reasons, he would certainly have appreciated the operating advantages of getting away from DC block control.  He seemed to be an operator at a time when many still just watched the trains loop around (not that there’s anything wrong with that).


The JMRIusers group (Java Model Railroad Interface) at has 9,609 members.  It was once the 8th largest group out of about 29,000 groups.  I see it has slipped to 30th.  Digitrax-Users is now 42nd.


To bend the off topic just once more on my part, this is a joke my minister brother once told me.


“The U.S. government gathered all the brightest minds in computer development to design the most powerful computer of all time.  The purpose was to ask it for answers to age old questions.  When they completed it, the first question asked was the biggest question of all, “Is there a God?”  The computer replied, “There is now!”


Charles E “Chuck” Kinzer


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To keep it on topic a bit, I had a monster computer put together for me about 10 years ago.... It was a large case Lenovo, business, think station set up.  Friend of mine gave me 4 of the newest dual core processors and a fifth separate processor that just ran start up and basic internet functions.  The others were for all large photo's and movies.. (I was trying to make some background movie projections for a band I was in at the time) and they could run several tasks at once without slowing down my browsing....  He stacked all the memory cards he had in the slots and my rig was like a server....  It finally died this past month on me...  

 New Rig is set up for running the Epson V-800 scanner I have now for G&D negatives (and my own collection of copied railroad negatives, as I am an author as well and still do a lot of research.......) This new rig has only two processors … they "each" are 4 times the size of what I had combines before...... and the memory cards are each ten times what all of the stacked cards I had before.    I could be wrong..  it might be 100 times?   


    These things are going to become self aware....!    They are already smarter than a couple of the guys in here..   !  Including me...!  LOL..   





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Check the lower right corner. It is nice to know you can Telex them for more info first.

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While this is getting off topic, I’m also thinking of buying  a hard disk:



Charles E. “Chuck” Kinzer


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