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Charles Kinzer

Color is a very subjective thing and the color temperature of lighting and much more certainly plays a part.


And there really isn’t any “standard” for the color of model railroad rocks.


However, other things can be used as partially reliable indictors.  Consider the cropped S0_069 slide I just included.  Notice the red REA logo, the color green of that express car, the yellow of a freight car, the tone of the engines which we have seen in many magazine and book photos.  Boxcar reds and browns (although they are all over the place themselves inherently).  What looks to be Bull Line stock car is at the top left and looks reasonable to me versus other photos I have seen.  And does foliage look at least somewhat green?  Or anything else that might be used as a reference.  Does blue sky look bluish.  (And there is a little patch, I think, you can see through the arch at the top right.)  If they all seem pretty reasonable, the rest is likely reasonable.


Even with “The Book”, not every edition is identical.  When the most recent printing from Bob Hayden came out, I put it side by side with a Kalmbach version and flipped through them comparing every photo.  They were quite close, but one was slightly “cooler” than the other (I forget which).  I don’t think you could tell the difference unless you had them right next to each other.


But if the color shift of a photo is far enough out of whack, there may no longer be sufficient information in the photo to fix it with reasonable means.  I suspect it can be shifted into something reasonably nominal even if a lot of the color information is lost.


Charles E. “Chuck” Kinzer


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You guys know a lot more about this than I do, but I believe I have noticed variation in color of the rocks at the same location in the different photos of the book’s. I always assumed that John’s coloring was more uniform - generally light gray, and that the color variation was due to lighting and filtering that he used. I would be interested to know the group’s opinions, perhaps especially from those who visited the layout, although it was many years ago. 

I’ve always felt that as I got into my own mountain building I would follow this light gray granite ‘baseline’ so that I could use lighting and filters if I wanted it to appear more Sandy or blueish or reddish. 


Bob Friddle,

Gabrielle Lines - Route of the Angels



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