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Bob Friddle

You guys know a lot more about this than I do, but I believe I have noticed variation in color of the rocks at the same location in the different photos of the book’s. I always assumed that John’s coloring was more uniform - generally light gray, and that the color variation was due to lighting and filtering that he used. I would be interested to know the group’s opinions, perhaps especially from those who visited the layout, although it was many years ago. 
I’ve always felt that as I got into my own mountain building I would follow this light gray granite ‘baseline’ so that I could use lighting and filters if I wanted it to appear more Sandy or blueish or reddish. 


Bob Friddle,

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I don’t know what it would cost to have this massaged more, but there are certainly color examples from slides that look pretty good to me.  “The book” might be the best color authority.  Such as the rocks are much more grey and you can see green foliage tufts pretty clearly in the slides.


If cost is an issue, may there can be a “pass the hat” request to see if it can be funded that way.


And the experiment done by Eugen where he sent some short clips did show a sharpening improvement.  I grabbed a frame just with “print screen” (not fancy) of “before and after” and put some slices of the original and sharpened together.  Places you can see the improvement pretty well are the two halves of the one refrigerator car, the two domes on the engine, and the rock detail just above the engine.  And the bridge of course.




Here is a part of slide S0_069 from the GDlines site cropped to be an area similar to the film frame for color comparison.  Of course, everybody’s monitor may be slightly different and the original slide may have color shifted some from age, and when originally scanned there might have been some color shifting, and…and…and.  Still, it is probably reasonably representative.




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Used Cinelab in MA. A pro place, not some consumer outfit.

Here's the order form. Not sure which one they used, but the tech told me anything over 2K would be a waste.

He said he did some basic global color correction because of the film's degraded state, but I did not go for the full restoration package.



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