Re: JA's Locomotive #25

John Hagen

That “flaring” was likely there to make removal of the box from it mold easy.

John Hagen


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Yes, what I earlier perceived as "flaring" is indeed the trapezoidal shaped front & back of the tool box.


Thank you.



On Wed, Mar 11, 2020 at 11:43 AM Ken Dodge <> wrote:

Hi Al,

I've been following this thread and agree with you. Quick question though. I'm now not sure what you meant by "... the "flaring" towards the bottom ..."  At first I thought you meant it looked like its bottom curved out from otherwise vertical sides (like it had been "squished down"), but the attached photo you provided looks like you may have meant that it's more of a trapezoid shape with a rounded top, as opposed to a rectangular shape.  If that's true then I do agree with all of the conclusions as to its source.

Ken Dodge



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John Hagen

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