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Al Clemens

Hi Chuck,
Thanks for the reply.
I think that's what I am looking for.
That is also probably what Tom eluded to,  I just didn't think to look at a sloped tender.

Thanks again for all of the replies.


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The detail part on the Roundhouse 0-6-0 is their part no. 22305 (also used the number 2L305) “Toolbox” (thank you HOseeker).  Here is part of a photo from an eBay sale where they conveniently painted it red and painted the hinges so we could see it is quite different in shape than what is seen on #25 and also has cast on detail which the #25 part does not.  (Photo cropped and enlarged and a bit fuzzy, but you can probably get the idea.)



I know of no air reservoir that would be shaped like the part on the G&D engine.  It looks more like a cover such as what a hose reel cover might look like, except it is extremely long.  But maybe it represents covering a really long hose reel?


Charles E. ”Chuck” Kinzer


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Hi Tom,

Thanks for the reply.

For the MDC/Roundhouse tender I found a fully cylindrical tank with am approximate length of around 5ft, and 2 mounting points a short distance from the ends. No angled mounting brackets or support brackets.

It just doesn't look like what I perceive in the images. 



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