Re: JA's Locomotive #25

Charles Kinzer

I did some cursory searching and found the photo in the “new_yahoo” album and some others.  But couldn’t find one showing the tender deck well enough to see what you are referring to.


Could you provide specific direction to relevant photos such as online links or “The Book” page numbers.


Charles E. “Chuck” Kinzer


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From: A Clemens
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Subject: [GandD] JA's Locomotive #25




Recently I've been trying to gather information on #25.

I've located most of the G&D images in the book, and online images, plus the photo of Dave Gorelle's re-creation and tribute to #25, in his "new_yahoo" album.


A question I have concerns the item on the tender deck between the bunker and the water fill hatch.

My instincts tell me it's a air tank, but it has, what appears to me, a "flared" bottom, and doesn't really look like a normal air tank.

Also, I can't discern any expected air lines going to, or from it.


Or is it possibly a round top tool box?


Thanks for any illuminating information.




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