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Charles Kinzer has three plans:


Such warnings go to group owners.  I think it was forwarded to us as a “heads up”.


This is the stated policy about approaching size limits:


“We send you a warning when you've reached 80% of your storage limit. You can configure your group to either bounce messages when you've reached your storage limit, or to automatically delete old attachments to keep you under the storage limit. Photos and files are never automatically deleted.”


And this is what contributes to storage size (messages themselves are not included in the calculation):


“The following are counted towards the storage limits for your group:

  • Files
  • Photos
  • Images in databases
  • Images in wiki pages
  • Message attachments

Messages themselves are not counted towards the storage limits, only any attachments.”

Here are the three plans they offer:


Basic:  Free, 1GB storage

Premium:  $20/month or $220/year, 20 GB storage (and some other additional features)

Enterprise:  $200/month or $2200/year, 1TB storage (and a few features beyond Premium)


Charles E. “Chuck” Kinzer


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From: Tom Hokel (Pine Ridge RR)
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What's the warning? Maybe moderators are the only ones who see it. When I add up the attachments, photos and files, get less than 1 GB (839 MB). Not sure what space messages are taking. What's our limit?

If posters want to "save" email attachments, they can/should put them in their album. That way you could delete old attachments. You would have to define "old."

Also, some members have multiple photo albums. I know that doesn't save space, but at least it cuts down on the total number of albums and makes things easier to find. There are also some photos at are … well … less than interesting. They just don't pass the "sniff" test … at least not past their first viewing. Some would be good candidates for "temporary" email attachments.



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