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Charles Kinzer

I’m on a group or two where a simple donation request (PayPal to an email address) was how it was handled.  I think enough was donated in what seemed like a few milliseconds that the problem was solved, at least for a year.


I don’t think it is unreasonable for somebody hosting or providing information, without advertisements (and I assume without selling your private information), to have an expectation for compensation at some point.  I think it’s a pretty great deal to get as much storage as there is at no charge. has expenses and they have to get covered somehow.


With a donation request, enough will likely step up (perhaps more than enough) and some will ride for free.  That’s the way these things go in groups or in life.


Also, the group isn’t rocketing to the max limit but it is climbing slowly.  So this isn’t urgent, but some action is likely inevitable eventually.


If an action is taken to proactively free up storage, I would recommend ditching the email attachments.  They can perhaps be viewed as something with perhaps more transient worth than regular photo or file storage.


Charles E. “Chuck” Kinzer


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Personally, I would support a voluntary annual dues fee.  (Information access tax?) if this is the only means to assure preservation and access (by all) to our files.  

I hate the way the entire information storage business process has sneaked into our lives from IBM early on, to Microsoft, Google and the likes holding us hostage to increasing rental fees for storage as well as use of programs.  No longer do we pay for something and then “own” it.  

I still “own” my library of old books, magazines, records and CDs, but fear someday I will no longer be able to afford storing them or be able to access them without some information access tax.  Oh well, just a grumpy old man, in retirement years.  Younger generation seems to not care.  “It’s on the cloud” and they assume whatever they want will always be there.  (I wonder if someone will come up with a book or guitar license and tax?)

For now, pay the duty to the Klingons for our protection until the Borg arrive and assimilate everything.  



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We’ve got to decide what we want to do with this. 

Russell Courtenay

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This email message is a notification to let you know that your group is using over 80% of its available storage of 1GB. The storage space is used by attachments, files, photos, database images and wiki images. You can view the usage statistics for your group here.

Based on your group settings, when the storage limit is reached, the oldest attachments will be automatically deleted to make space.

Note: If your group is already over its storage allotment, we will delete attachments starting in two weeks from when you received this notice.

If you would like to increase the amount of storage space available for your group, please visit:

Alternatively, you can set your group to bounce messages that contain attachments. To do so, go to your group's Settings page and look for the 'Out Of Space' setting at the bottom of the 'Message Policies' section.

If you have any questions, please visit our help center.

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