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Dale Smith

As best I can determine we have all the old messages in the archive, which you can access by clicking on Messages and then displaying by Topic or Message.   Topic is the default.   Then you can search.   The key is to know what to search for.  By the way, the message numbers won't match the old Yahoo message numbers as we had 4 new messages in this group before the transfer took place, so the Yahoo messages were added with message #1 starting as #5.   Shouldn't affect a word search though.


On 2/11/2020 2:51 PM, Keith Roger wrote:
Just FYI, that was a different "Keith" than me in those messages. My stories of getting the house are in the archives here I believe. If they got moved over.
Keith Roger-Beard Trinity, owner,  9 Cielo Vista Terrace, Monterey


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