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Russell Courtenay

I have considered that. Actually, my layout plan is a 7 section sectional to be setup fully only out in the yard or at shows as it is an L shape about 27x35’ total, and this does not include any turning loops at the ends! 

In my current plan, 1 section will fit into the 43” radius loops in the barn, but if you remove one loop the other 6 sections can be setup in the backyard out the rollup door!

At this point I just want to RUN something so am trying to get the one section into the barn loop and keep the door closed because it is really brisk out there!

Off topic: I’m thinking of another meme: ‘This Isn’t global climate change, this is global latitude change, that wind feels like we are in Wyoming and we all know ‘The Wind Don’t Blow In Idaho’!’

Let me see if I can attach the drawing I’ve shown before of my proposed L shaped layout, I don’t have more than preliminary drawings done of the Barn Loop yet when I approached the quandary of scale change....,,,20,2,0,0

I actually approached the subject of ‘a hole in the wall’ with a previous landlord in the ‘80’s for my HOn3 Sierra Pacific Coast Railroad to go through a closet and he was fine with it! I ended up dismantling it before I got to that point but don’t really want to stir things up with our current landlord. 

Someday we will own our own place again, then I will just have to deal with ‘the lady of the house’ who is pretty easygoing with my hobbies and much better looking!

Russell Courtenay
Solemnity and profundity are sublime in inequity. 

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Here is a maybe “dumb” but possible extreme solution.  Might you tunnel through your barn walls and put your return loops literally “outside” your barn. A closed-in tunnel with a removable weather-proof lid would make access reasonable. The barn wall could be easily repaired with two patches in the event of relocating. Being in large scale so many years now, I am always thinking “outside the box”. Someone must have thought up an “outdoor helix” like an enclosed jungle gym, to increase indoor railroad space for you “small scalers”. If you enclosed it, think of the storage space you might add. 
Ive got an old child’s wading pool that if inverted would make a perfect roof for a spiral.  I’ve been wanting to experiment with a 12 loop spiral to get my outdoor railroad up to our second story deck and find a use for that old wading pool. Never be Daphetid!  

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Thanks for the response. My barn is similar in size 12x18 but inside is 11’4”x17’4” and with storage shelves and such I cannot fit 48” radius, my main loop is 43” with an industrial/ trolley area (actually the original G&D in 6’8”x8’8”) at 24” radius. 

In O scale, I cannot run anything big, though my proposed converted K-Line Mikado should do fine, I am limited, and will not be able to run full length passenger cars even on the main loop without a lot of work. 

I love modern steam so have set my timeframe at 1929, the beginning of the big steam era but before the GIANTS took over.  

I only have 2 sections started so it is decision time for scale choice. 

I will only need like 4 standard and 4 narrow gauge locos (which I have now), so will probably have 20 someday...

I grew up in the San Francisco area in the era of smoky old first gen SP diesels and the history of narrow gauge all around me, in Idaho for 30 years, I worked at our local shortline a couple years, now volunteer at Sumpter Valley as a brakeman on the narrow gauge. So I will be running some incongruous first gen diesels too, and plenty of narrow minded stock...

Your name rings a bell: my Grandfather was George Washington Courtenay, because he was born in July 1876 to Scotch-Irish immigrants who said ‘we are going to name our son after a GREAT American!’  He died in 1956, after he retired from SP, many years before I was born. 

Russell Courtenay
Solemnity and profundity are sublime in inequity. 


On Jan 12, 2020, at 11:18 AM, George Courtney via Groups.Io <gsc3@...> wrote:

I've been S scale standard gauge now for over 20 years.  My druthers was for O scale, but like you, space was the problem.  Biggest problem in S is you have to buy a lot off eBay and steam locos are in short supply.  If you are a diesel fan it's a lot better.  After 25 years in S I have most everything I want now, except I missed out on the G&D boxcar.  HO scale was great for a long time, and can feature more dramatic scenery, but there is just something about the larger locos and cars that seem more realistic.   I have a room 12.5 by 20 and run 39" radius curves with a 2-8-8-2 my biggest steam loco.  I should add if you can handle hi-rail, there are more steam locos to buy.  My 2-8-8-2 was hi-rail but converted to run on scale track.

George Courtney

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