Re: A special Announcement: the GDRP has acquired Glenn Beier's 16mm film

Russell Courtenay

Here is the movie where they seamlessly combine 8mm and 16mm classic movie shots with modern HD:

Russell Courtenay
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On Dec 20, 2019, at 10:08 AM, Russell Courtenay via Groups.Io <walruswebtech@...> wrote:

Wow guys this is some amazing stuff! I know of CineLab and their great work with a ‘wet gate’ process of converting film to digital as I have made several films and want to send them to CineLab when I get the funds!

Let me see if I can find their demo where they mixed classic 8mm shots with full HD, you can barely tell the difference! I am still a fan of film if it wasn’t so much work and expense to use!

Can’t wait to see the results! I hope you can make an appealing product, articles and/or museum piece out of it! Maybe all of the above!

I found it, I guess the company I am thinking of is CinePost:

Russell Courtenay
Solemnity and profundity are sublime in inequity. 

On Dec 20, 2019, at 9:06 AM, Randy Lee Decker <randyleedecker@...> wrote:

Just to add some context. I found and I purchased Glenn's entire collection of negatives and the 16mm film and some letters and etc.     I knew it was a bit more than I could afford, but I bought everything and as to not make the deal complicated in getting Jeff involved I simply let him know what I was doing and asked if he'd be interested in the Film as it was hard for me to afford to afford the deal without some help.  From there, I sent Jeff the Film...  Let me say I was thrilled to have had this deal go this way.... as the movie needed to be preserved correctly.   This is priceless, One of a Kind Film Footage (the only ever taken from Johns layouts) and it is now in the best hands it could have ever ended up in....!    I am proud that this all went this way.  There were items that went with the film and it was wonderful to have been able to have made the deal and to also see to it things are preserved and shared...  All the large and medium format negatives I still have about 50+ in all... will be going to the GDLines site as well to be shared as a group of images from my small collection now. 

  I'd also like to mention...   After spooling out some of the film footage here before sending it on to Jeff.    And just using a simple magnifying glass I could see the 16mm film frames are as about as good as they can get...   Jeff and I are pretty sure they just projected the film on a screen and used a video camera to record and dub it to VHS...  and then later what Sunday River did the DVD footage... they just copied the VHS .....  This technique is of very low quality and explains the poor quality of the current DVD....  

  So now with the film found and in our hands....!    Jeff's new DVD will tell the tale..  It is our hope that many wonderful stills can now be made...  and I am hoping Jeff might be able to find a way to make copies of the movie for sale to generate some money for the site.  Anyway this is huge news in the John Allen front.  After much searching and finding some items have been thrown out as I was to late in my research and sleuthing...  It is good to have some success in the historic preservation story.   Jeff and I will have some fun new things to see soon.  
These items and photographs need to be found.  There is no reason not to ask people "what they plan to do with items"  A museum can be a great disposition for some things but so far, in Johns case...  it has been private ownership and the generosity of good people that are now telling Johns tale in the best way possible.  And the tale is free and of excellent copy quality on the memorial site that Jeff runs and maintains himself.   
   Museums will sometimes share photographs but they control the quality of the images copied... and they sell them they do not offer them for free.   The GDLines site is an amazing thing for this group to have access to.  I hope more photographs, some of which we all know exist, will end up being shared here.   There is no better place than Jeff's pages for anything John Allen related.  
    And let me also say.... for "anyone" who may have items of historic value concerning John Allen and his legacy, please realise it is so important that these items or images be shared and not kept in a box in a closet anymore.   Even if they are offered for sale, there is a chance that one or more of us in this group might be able to purchase them.   These items may finally see the light of day and help to tell John's tale.  Please contact me or Jeff and let us know what you have....  at least let us make an offer or find people who can help us and lets get John's Story documented even better.   

   Randy Decker
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On Fri, Dec 20, 2019 at 9:57 AM Jeffrey L Witt via Groups.Io <> wrote:
Thanks to the dogged persistence and exceptional investigative skills of one Randy Decker, we have purchased from the estate of Glenn Beier the 16mm film made in 1969 (and many other photos and items, too).

The film, or parts of it, are included in the Sunday River VHS/DVD that is available. I'm pretty sure that the transfers from the film will far exceed the quality of that video.

It will arrive today at CineLab, a professional movie lab in MA. They will scan it frame-by-frame at 2K (or better) resolution, so we should get some amazing stills (like the one Tom posted), as well as HD video to the limit of the original film resolution.

I will update the group on the progress, but please be patient as reviewing and presenting this material will take time. Charlie Getz has also expressed an interest, perhaps the footage will show up in the museum at some point.



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