Re: G&D boxcar with Latino Bandito

Russell Courtenay

Thank you! ¡Eso se que es!

I was thinking the steel boxcar wasn’t Athearn because of the low-relief plastic underframe, Athearn used one with an exposed metal weight, we had many of these as kids, we only had the MDC ‘old timers’, similar to the other 2 cars with thread truss rods. Also the trucks are the same. 

Also shown are several of the scratchbuilt and detailed flatcars I got. I built a few of these in HOn3 years ago, so light they wouldn’t stay on the track without a load, so I planned on rebuilding them with solid 1/16” brass decks, went back to O scale instead...

Russell Courtenay
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Absolutely the Roundhouse offering, one of first release of G&D commemoratives in September 1981: this boxcar, the black ore car, and the green Overton combine, kit #s 1000, 1001, and 1002.

The figure is a Campbell/Weston figure, available on their website:


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