Re: from September 1968 British magazine Railway Modeller

David Thomas

I realise that the last sentence in my first paragraph was ambiguous. The photos in the 1968 Railway Modeller article were of course suppled by John Allen.

Looking more closely at the night time shot in John Allen's own March 1948 Model Railway News article, I realise that it was a set up. At that time John had only built three "old-time 54ft open end passenger cars" so they were clearly spaced out to imply a longer train. The rest of the stock he had at that time were a 4-4-0 "old time" passenger loco built with Mantua parts (the loco seen at the head of the train) an 0-4-0 Varney switcher "which doubles for a freight engine",  18 assorted freight cars, about half home (i.e. scratch) built and half kit built.and he was in the course of scratch building a 2-8-0 "old time" freight engine, four more freight cars  and a rotary snow plough "which actually is a track cleaner"  Of the six switches, five were no. 4 and one was a no. 6 

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