Re: from September 1968 British magazine Railway Modeller

David Thomas

On Fri, Nov 29, 2019 at 09:44 AM, Jeffrey L Witt wrote:
Happy Day-after Thanksgiving. Here's two from the September 1968 British magazine Railway Modeller. I picked these two because I'm don't recall seeing either of these exact shots before. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Hi Jeff
Thanks for posting those. I have that edition of Railway Modeller. It was my first ever sight of the G&D or of American model railroading so, as a teenager I was well impressed. I had thought that I'd seen all those photos elsewhere but I could well have been mistaken. The artlcle was written by a British modeller D.L.Clarke who had visited John during a business trip to California and illustrated with six photos suppled by him.

By coincidence, while looking for something else yesterday evening, I found an early artlcle by John Allen in the Model Railway News of March 1948 describing the first G&D. His photos aren't particularly well reproduced apart from the one on the front cover.  I think I've seen them in the photo archive but was struck by the night time scene with all the coaches lit up. The track plan looks to be a very early one with some differences around the engine shed, though I understand that it and the turntable never did appear in that location within the loops.
His closing remarks are interesting though.
"Being in an area in which I am practically a 'pioneer' in the hobby, though I first learnt that there was such a thing as scale model railroading late in 1944, I've had to rely on magazines and books, rather than friends, for the necessary information on how to go about building a railroad. This being my first railroad I've kept the trackwork simple"


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