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Russell Courtenay

Yes, the caboose is my first piece of brass, sold to me by an awesome friend. The 2-8-0 is indeed a Weaver, beautiful runner. I plan on converting everything to BPR/C ‘Deadrail’ so for this first run on my as yet unfinished handlaid switches I just clipped some leads to the track. 

I think this Cookie Box is a custom paint run of an Intermountain kit so not an exact model, they made some great O scale stuff for a while, most still available around. Another friend sent me a box of a dozen O scale cars, including this one, at a very reasonable price and just said ‘pay me when you get it’!

In fact the Weaver 2-8-0 was purchased from a guy in Ohio who took payments for a year but sent it to me once I made the first payment! 

I have several hundred feet of Right-o-Way code 125 steel rail and was planning on cutting my own ties but friends came through and I now have enough pre-cut ties to lay the entire layout in standard and narrow gauge and then some!

I’ve met some great generous people who helped me get back into O scale over the last 20 years, including our list owner. When I eventually move up to Proto48 modeling specific prototypes, I hope to find some budding O scale enthusiasts and help them get started with my old stuff. Of course I am now a senior citizen so it may not be long...

I really enjoy the mass of O scale, watching the couplers, natural momentum and slack action work, the main issue is space. These 2 sections plus the extension track are all I can fit indoors, the final sectional plan will set up in the yard or shows, unless I can make a mint producing custom models or something and build my proposed tractor shed/ model railroad building. 

I actually drew a plan for G&D #3 in O scale but it would be a monster at 32x48 feet with 9 foot minimum ceiling height!

Russell Courtenay
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Great brass CA-1 caboose! Is that a weaver engine? I like the hand laid ties, John would approve.

If you like O scale, I think the the MTH version has the most correct markings as the MTH has the correct 1954 date markings and class XI, MTH also has 60032.  If you are into 2-rail O scale, you would have to change the wheels and couplers to make MTH 3rail into 2-rail.

While the Lionel version has a build date of 1963 and is marked class X, but used the number range of class XI.

In HO scale some models are marked class X, so they can have wood sides for an older style car

Thank you again for everyone who makes this community happen, be it a member who reads the online posts to enjoy the GD as a rewarding outlet to relax or those who regularly post, everyone in their own way helps keep the GD alive and make this a great community, Murphy

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I placed the timeframe of the GD in the 1952-1954 era based on all of the Varney Ford sedans in Great Divide. The Varney Studebaker coupe was a 1953 or 1954. I think autos are one of biggest clues to a layout's era.

The Cookie Box in the Andrews photo looks like it's a metal car … not plastic … and it's not a metal Athearn, whose ends wrapped around the sides.


<MTH 60032.jpg>

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