Re: John's Cookie car in Andrews

Murphy P

That one, using the software I have, you can see the last number is slender and at a diagonal relative to the red lettering above it, which is how I got a 2.

There are a lot of makers of the Cookie' car it turns out.

Tom what I would love your help with is the Kansas City Southern 50' bulkhead flatcar, #24010

Any idea who made the 50' KCS car? It might have been one of the last cars added to John's layout.

Thank you again for everyone who makes this community happen, be it a member who reads the online posts to enjoy the GD as a rewarding outlet to relax or those who regularly post, everyone in their own way helps keep the GD alive and make this a great community, Murphy

On Wed, Sep 18, 2019 at 2:33 PM Tom Hokel (Pine Ridge RR) <PR-Line@...> wrote:

What GD photo are you looking at to figure out the number? The one you posted at Andrews?

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