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Russell Courtenay

Wow Dave, I don’t know what to say in response to that, I think it deserves the Hogan’s Heroes Triple Facepalm coveted by punsters everywhere!

Russell Courtenay
July is national what month?

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Doesn't Dave Cooper have a brother Claude from Cleveland that is a kleptomaniac who copped some clean copper clappers from the closet of Clara Clifford?

David (Dry Gulch & Western)
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Well we know the Electric Line was the "Cooper Electric"  named after the man who built it for John back in the early 1960's.  Dave Cooper and John had become fast friends and Dave was a bit of an electrical genius.  I am sure he helped hone Johns wiring skills while he was there.  So it appears the maps during that period in print had the word "cooper" all over them and even on the printed version of Johns expanded conceptual drawing.  Only place names should have been on that, and the word "cooper" is not on Johns drawing so it does not belong there. 

I wondered (but did not get any other input) if John had intended to name the entire area "Cooper" at one time back then....?    As the many maps from the early sixties seem to indicate....   But it was just a question....  and so far the only thing we know is the Electric Line was called "Cooper Electric"  But other than a "Chets Meat Pies" sign on one of the cars it does not seem John ever letter the trolley's and that part of the City was called West Divide....       

Just want to do it right. The evidence got a little contradictory...  But the conclusion, to my question (having little input other than my own) is West Divide is the "best" evidence of name.  and I will simply letter any of my trolleys for Dave Cooper when I get that far.    


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