Re: Study of my own photos from 1971

Bob Friddle

Randy, this is a beauty and certainly John Allen-worthy! I agree he repeated few designs, and this would definitely be a nice addition. I’m thinking that this particular viewing angle, if reversed and scaled properly, could be superimposed on the classic giant canyon photo to get a good idea of its impact. If I can find some time I’ll try to make it happen with my rudimentary skills.


Bob Friddle

Gabriele Lines – Route of the Angels



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For the fun of It I might build a version of this bridge..  (Since the notebook sketches we know exist, do not seem to be in the hands of anyone who will ever let them see the light of day) To save the foolish arguments from other who might not actually read the posts.......""I do not think this is what John would have done""..  but Girder connections to some version of a half through arch could easily be made to look quite good. 

   Image result for half through arch bridge images

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