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Russell Courtenay

Yeah, I assumed (correctly) they didn’t know the song or the lyrics, but it was the first song I could think of that didn’t require a G chord, which I can’t play with my gimped little finger...

I would have played Old Man (with muted high G!) but if their parents overheard, it may have been misinterpreted...

I did start writing a song about the G&D back on Golden Spike day (March 12) but it was a jazz sound I came up with and such a song will take some time to finish...

Russell Courtenay
July is national what month?

On Jul 24, 2019, at 8:44 PM, Bob Friddle <bob.friddle@...> wrote:

One does have to wonder about the song choice for a couple of little girls, no?
Glad to hear you’re doing better though! 
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I’ll have to explore the online indices more, they seem buggy to me. I plan on taking a photo of the table of contents page of every magazine I own, I seem to do better with that kind of reference. 

I have managed to locate all my boxes of magazines in the process of cleaning up the barn for my proposed layout. For G&D content, it includes a narrower O scale version of the original G&D in one corner. It will be totally portable because the landlord has decided he will not sell, but I would love to take it to shows anyway! An artsy shot of the barn at sunset is attached. 

Hand is getting better, still hurts but I was able to play a song on my guitar when a couple little girls asked why I was strumming my guitar by my car at Emmett Cruise Night (I thought I would try after 2 months of not touching the guitar since the accident) managed a near perfect rendition of The Needle and The Damage Done, they were joyous and so was I!

Russell Courtenay
July is national what month?
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No need to catalog the Gazettes.

Trains online website that has an index of articles in the Gazette and other magazines.

How is your hand?

Darryl Huffman

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