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Good to know, thanks John.  

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July is national what month?

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I have had no problem what so ever with DVD set. No problem reading anything albeit it is for the most part old magazines that have been scanned.

I can’t understand why anyone is having problems with it.

John Hagen


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I love that ad, any known photos of it on the G&D?


The Model Railroader 75 Year Archive DVD is no longer available and no longer supported by Kalmbach. I didn’t buy it not just because of its $179 price tag but because many said the scans were rather low resolution to the point that the text was difficult to read. This baffles me because Kalmbach insists the current subscription Archive is the exact same scans but no one complains about them. 


I have seen the DVD go for $10-20 on eBay but only saw after they were sold. I keep looking. 

Russell Courtenay

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