Re: Original Drawing Size.

Randy Lee Decker <randyleedecker@...>

Hey Don, yes I do remember seeing the photo. Did not know it was you who took the shots.     I mentioned this photo to Dave Woodrel as part of my answer concerning the evidence I have found over time now, to know John's intentions for his bridge that he never finished.   I don't remember where they were posted now either.     I think Tom Hokel sent me to them once, or sent them to me?   but not sure now.   regardless.....   

What a WONDERFUL little thing.....  so glad to see it survived the mess and saw the light of day.  Several of them did.   Don do you know who donated them by any chance?   Just curious... 

I have no need to contact the museum or bother you for these photos Don I was not asking for them.    Others might like them.  I will try and find them too. 
I only ever needed to see the picture of the model that one time to solidify my choice to build his bridges the way he wanted and was secure in my choice.   

 Those kinds of items tell John's story.  I wish I could get to CA to see these things but travel will not be on my agenda anytime soon.  My only hope of seeing any new photographs is through the sharing of collections and the ability to go to the and the fantastic LIGHT OF DAY experience that place is for Johns work.     


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