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Randy Lee Decker <randyleedecker@...>

   This tidbit of information in the drawing  has been kicked around here for many years now.  Some of thee guys hashed al this out 15 years ago....For me its about 3 years gone now.   I will be using this drawing from John's hand as one of 2 pieces of perfect evidence and proof of his intent as far as his last bridge was concerned.   The other piece of proof is in some of the photographs of the tiny scale models that survived the fire...I have not seen the original it is in California with most of his things still.   He made several models of his layout some were early concepts and do not reflect his later design... but in one of them the two bridges (ALIKE) are there on each side of Scalp Mountain.....  Now  I am glad you just stumbled upon this yesterday it is fun to learn things in here.   To speculate how a suspension bridge was ever put into print is anyone's guess.   To also consider, (contained in the pile of evidence I have for my efforts to remake his layout) is the practical fact that Johns ceiling height would not have allowed a suspension bridge or even a steel arch that cantilevered above the track in anyway to be built and have it easily photographed or any valence and lighting hidden above.  So yes... a longer, but identically designed bridge is the answer here.     
This topic was the main focus of my search a few years ago when I was new to the John Allen story.    I have done so much research and spoken to so many people since then, from Johns time, who know him and knew many of his friends and authors he worked with and the stores of his travels to shows and his ability to impress with his intellect and wit on many subjects or his ability to rub people the wrong way with his skill and ability to argue a point to perfection.  We all know how easily he could just create "blow your mind scenes" on his layout and with that truth, is also the fact that he could make some modelers (with rivalry driven egos) jealous with his incredible diverse set of talents perfectly suited for this medium.   He was a force to be reckoned with and a character of great hilarity and an energetic, spirited, presence that would not be ignored.  
   It is hard to keep tally anymore of all the names and information in my head but I have them in my book and a small books worth of stories.   The effort has been enlightening and the story I have of John and the events after his death have been eye opening as well. 

My one and only, true, desire is to see his story is told well.  This search for and conversations about old items, long since missing, is not a popular topic.  At this point I'd say who cares who has what or how or when ...  I say lets let them see the light of day...!   What could possibly be wrong with that...   That is the best way to tell John Allen's story...  This topic is above my paygrade... but it needs to be had sometime and it is very much the ACTUAL HISTORY of John Allen and his story in 2019.  One day, items on dark walls now, will be passed on to family and eventually these treasures will run out of interested inheritors.   They may see a museum then.   They may be misplaced or thrown out also..  Shame on the fools who do not see to it they are not copied NOW...   It is also a shame that our generation of fans can't see these items better now.  What reason could there possibly be to not allow good digital scans of things to come to the world.       

This is John Allen's story not ours.   Right?  


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