Re: Original Drawing Size.

Randy Lee Decker <randyleedecker@...>

Yep...  Bridge drawings and all... 

 Someone who was friends with Linn westcott and had some high standing in the group of authors involved in this story during that time has this drawing. No Linn did not draw it.  I only said that to be sarcastic.. 
   All the discussions aside.   We know it exists.... no one threw it out.  
 #1... it needs to be mounted on acid free board and matt... behind UV protected glass
 #2 it should be digitally copied and on film for history's sake.
 #3 this is a centerpiece of John Allen's story... ( it would be to me)  Perhaps the most prized possession any John Allen fan could ever have.  I could care less WHO has it.. or HOW... just the fact of KNOWING it survives is huge.. These things are part of Johns story.... After fifty years of people making money off his name is asking that some of these items once in Linns possession have a good copy made for history's sake and to also send it along to the GDLines site...?   

Is my request for preservation and sharing a copy somehow the wrong thing to do?  I have been laughed at, have been met with outright rude angry notes when I speak of these things.  I say the people who have these things are not friends in any way to John Allen.   News Flash.... No one gives tiny crap how anyone got these things or when, we all know already.   I only ask that you please stop hiding them in the dark.  TIme to just do the right thing and post a copy.  No one is asking anyone to give away their treasures.  But keeping them hidden does not HONOR JOHN nor the spirit of how he lived his life. No value will be lost in a digital copy.   

As for specific people I have contacted, I'd rather not speak about who or how those conversations went.  I can remain private about many things but it is hard to stomach such selfish, miserable, greed but that is life.    Some people have honor others not so much.   
   I am only glad some very good people ended up with some of John's things and have shared their own.  Imagine If the photos found in Johns home after the fire and the sale were in the hands that ended up with the photos Linn used to publish his book, we'd all have to buy more books to see them. No high resolution copies to enlarge and look around at. close up...   for some, John is a story to bring to light...  To share and revel in...!    for others John is a money making machine even in death,his items a collectors dream and sharing is a sin.       

 That is just the simple truth of it.     That is the truth of John Allen's story in 2019....   
 We all are in one camp or the other.    
 The GDline web page from Peter and maintained by Jeff and created by so many good people is a testament to all that is right and captures the spirit of John Allen.  

I am frankly surprised nerves were not hit here and the thread shut down...  I think this was good, some things needed saying here.  I hope changes in attitudes will come from discussions like this one day.  My God, everyone should help to tell his story , Not HIDE IT....... it is so incredible and so sad.   



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