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Hi randy,

I have to agree with you about the box.  I am not much into conspiracies but it would be very easy for some of the parties involved (especially Model Railroader) to just snap a picture/short video of the box being opened and showing the contents.  If there are just hand written notes from Linn Wescott and such, then that would probably settle the issue.  But, if there were any historical objects or hand written notes from John then that should be of interest and worth preserving in a better format.  This is simple and not really a major expense.  My 2 cents.

David (Dry Gulch & Western)

On Friday, July 19, 2019, 11:13:40 AM PDT, Randy Lee Decker <randyleedecker@...> wrote:

OK....   Perhaps this drawing was never done by John.    It is a logical theory given the information I am given by those who supposedly "KNOW" .... 
   IN my research to find other items and get copies...  (JUST COPIES)    Any of the people I have spoken with who knew John or especially Linn....  never saw one thing from Linn Westcotts pile of papers notes drawings and photos used to print the book.  Don't know anything about its disposition for the 40 or so years between then and now and so I will draw my own conclusions...   I also must say.... It is sad to find the earlier generation (many I have spoken with now) are so angry with anyone who even broaches this subject, they lash out and close threads or have cranky angry answers.   It's just a fact and this IS JOHN ALLEN HISTORY right now.. this phenomenon I have encountered from this group of older fans of Johns is very real.  

 So I say  OK...   I am good with it.... let's go with what our knowledgeable elders say about this topic.  We know Linn had the items he used and probably many more that he never used in his book...  but we are supposed to believe NO ONE has them...    No one ever even saw these items.  So sadly we have to believe that John Allen's items (given by Andrew Allen to Linn for his Book about John)  .... (perhaps the most collectable model railroad memorabilia known to man) items that were considered holy grail collectibles even before John's death.... Held No INTEREST to any of the Guys who were friends of Linns and some with John... and worked with him and authored articles or books.   And that these items all just must have been thrown out.     I am told to accept this and be quiet.    They are not in the Box now.  Anyone can figure that much, it's a given.   Accept it or have your thread shutdown.    Nice...   This is the people in charge of John's legacy by simply answering questions they seem to not even want to bother with much anymore.  Only a few guys left like Don who still care.  
This is the logic these men want my generation to accept.  This is the history of the 45 years since Johns passing....?  This is the 800 lb gorilla in the room and always will be.... if this is the story we are all still forced to accept.    We'll OK.....!   I accept it.   I also say I can also have a theory just as unrealistic, childish and logic insultive  as well.    I say None of the items were drawn by John..  I think Linn made them up... the moon over Great Divide the Expanded Conceptual drawing... everything.   

Or they were thrown out.  Take your pick... It must be one or the other.   Makes sense right...  because who would ever want garbage like hand drawings from John Allen...? really...  don't be silly Randy, eat the story and smile....  or we'll bansih you.  I am Past Caring Kids.....Show your True Selves.   Shut me down.. no one who is guilty wants to see the truth in writing.   So far only a few of Johns so called Friends are decent people...  The rest, are selfish and do not have the same spirit of generosity and friendship John would have wanted to have seen in them when it comes to HIS STORY...  this is JOHNS STORY  not yours...  !     Sadly I could care less about the items and who has them.  I just want to see good copies are made and shared....  Not some crappy camera shot from 4 feet away low resolution out of focus... A real scan.. are real good camera shot with good lighting... these drawings and photographs and documents are FOR JOHNS story... as much as any of us..!  

Thank the Gods that Keith Trinity was the new owner of John's home.  Sorry Keith I am sure you don't want to see your name in here... but it is the truth...   Not one of the people who have any of the items that are now on dark walls and kept like some selfish prize would have ever done with Keith did and what Peter Prunka did and Jeff and Warner and Pat and so many of the guys who really do care about Johns story.    They shared his life and his legacy they do not HIDE it from the world.  Many should be ashamed today if they have these things.....   No one is asking you give away your treasures.  I AM ASKING THAT YOU simply take things out of frames and MAKE good copies...   Don't do it for me..   Do it so Johns story will not be lost to a fire or a death or to some auction on eBAy and end up in some other persons home that DOES NOT SHARE THINGS...!    Grow UP.....  Wake UP...  Time has gone by us all none of us are young anymore.  the time is not far off that what is saved now is there will ever be.    

Hoarding John Allen's treasures makes no sense to me.   That is the worst way to treat any of his things.  The guy deserves his life be celebrated not sold or hidden away.  If it's money that is the goal  then sell the things so at least someone might stand a chance of buying them and sharing a photo of them.  Or etc.  Sitting on someone's office or den or railroad room wall is nice if your a fan but its not doing much for John.   

How'd I do... ?  let the hammer fall if it must.  I have not singled out anyone I am speaking the truth of my research now for the past few years... I am talking directly about John Allen and his story and this is a big part of it and must be said.  Somethings need to shake lose and se the light of day and not saying anything is getting nowhere real fast....    


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