Mystery Siding behind Port on the high bridge

Randy Lee Decker <randyleedecker@...>

-- Now that I am working the West Divide area and the siding track that runs over the Coal tipple and behind and over the Theater, there is no mistaking the temptation (and I am sure I will just go ahead and do it) in connection that track as a runaround siding through the connection to the high bridge track just behind the Watson House and Port Station... John certainly must have considered as well.  as there is the space to do it and John actually had more space than I do in that area.    Tom first pointed this little hidden siding to me a while back.  It makes little sense to have a blind feature like that bhut if it connected through this could be the idea John had for that turnouts location.
 Also, there is , what appears to be, a working track even behind this siding track and the coal tipple overhead..  It runs under the Produce Building.   it could be cars cut in half to give the illusion of a full track or I am considering cutting into the  sheetrock and 2x4 wall there to create this hidden track/siding.  I do have room for a turnout to make it function for about 3 cars max...   These things slow me down but wow what a nice feature to have and with the way they layout there is no way John did not also consider having them.  I think he was just buried in moving forward and never got back to them later. 

Does anyone remember seeing the cars under the Produce Building in West Divide?  




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