Original Drawing Size.

Randy Lee Decker <randyleedecker@...>

Since we all are adults here (I think) and we know the famous conceptual drawing in Linns book did survive the fire and was in the possession of Linn Westcott  er; (Big K) in at least 1980.  I think we all know that image must be somewhere and in a frame, I hope, and not in the sun, I hope, and on acid free paper and behind UV glass, I hope... And with some plan for its future,  I hope.    
I want to make a copy of it... a good one.   If I had the space here I'd do it as a mural and I might have a space.  And In case anyone does not understand my intentions or my desire to see this drawing or obtain a decent copy, let me make very clear that I would be ecstatic to just find out this drawing survives today...!   I would feel the same way about the many other things in Linn's book we know also survived the fire.   It may be the most priceless item from John Allen in my eyes and just knowing it has a home and will be sent on to others or find its way to a museum would be great.   We do know it was not just tossed out. People cherished JA memorabilia even before he passed on.  So I have hope that this great drawing is just fine and intact.      

With that said.  Can anyone tell me, at least, what SIZE this unwrapped drawing was on page 6 and 7 ?   I will assume John must have had it out at one time or another where some of you guy's who were operators had a look at it.    Was it upstairs?  Is the sepia coloring correct.  




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