Re: Superior Detritus Boxcar

Tom Hokel (Pine Ridge RR)


The DVD is better visual quality and I like the fact that you can pause the playing and get a decent screen snap because they are digital frames. Of course, your DVD player won't "eat" the media. I want to get all of my VHS tapes copied to DVD and/or hard drives … preferably solid-state drives (SSD). VHS players are getting harder to find. How long will yours last?

However, I hate the background music on the DVD. I wish I could turn it off. Nothing like having stupid music playing while you're trying hear what the narrator is saying or, worse, when you are trying to listen to the trains! This is problem with a lot train videos. If want music, I buy the damn song. I'd rather listen to the "sound track" playing in my head!

Now, you could play or record the VHS tape audio and play that while you watch the DVD with the sound off.

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