Re: Superior Detritus Boxcar

Russell Courtenay

Nice shot, I’ve got to get the DVD, I still have the VHS and can’t seem to sell it, I don’t know why people don’t love the old tape technology, nothing like a beautiful, blurry image with a ragged bottom edge to bring back memories!

I’ve always liked Squawbottom, the shot of the team of oxen and the unfinished narrow gauge grade is one of my earliest memories of what an amazing railroad the G&D was...

Russell Courtenay
July is national what month?

On Jul 9, 2019, at 9:53 AM, Tom Hokel (Pine Ridge RR) <PR-Line@...> wrote:

I found video and a still shot of the infamous Superior Detritus boxcar on the Sunday River G&D video!

The video of it on Layout #2 can be found by playing the DVD at the roughly 2:57, 3:26, 4:30 and 11:04 marks. In three of these, it's in a consist and the other it's sitting on a siding. 

I almost gave up looking for it on the final Layout #3. Then, there it was, a still shot, at about a minute before the end of the video! It was sitting on the logging spur at Sowbelly below Cross Junction. I posted a snap of it in the "Pine Ridge RR" album. The photo looked familiar, but then again I have the video script almost memorized. HA! I checked a few publications, but didn't find it. If it was published, it was probably in MR vs. RMC.

So Randy, you can sleep well tonight. 

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