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Ha ha, houndhouse! Another amusing auto correct accident. 


Bob Friddle

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As long as we are looking at nonconformities in production - once again, maybe someone can explain why this happened and was not corrected.
The G & D Cars produced by Houndhouse: The top of the cars are silk screened Gorre & Daphetid.
The middle of the cars are silk screened Gorre and Dephetid. What is the significance of the two different spellings of Daphetid. "A" vs "E" on some of the coaches. Example: #1002 Overton Combine & #1003 Coach.There was no recall, correction or explanation from the Company as far as I can find.
Any other data available as to ???A??? vs ???E???.

  I just looked at my set of cars and none of them have the name repeated across the middle of the car, only along the top edge, and it's spelled "Daphetid" on all of them. The middle of the cars have the car name - Mt. Alexander, Mousebelly, etc.


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