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Charles Kinzer

I did some side by side comparisons of Kalmbach versus Hayden.  The print quality seemed the same, but the color tone very slightly different.  They were close, but one was slightly “warmer” and the other slightly “cooler”.  I forget which was which.  And you probably would never notice unless you had them adjacent to each other.  There was a French reprint that had very good printing quality (


Here is the cover of the French translation version for anyone who has never seen it.  There are still many languages it hasn’t been translated into, but this is a start.



And regarding those all important triangles I previously mentioned.  Here is a side by side Kalmbach vs. Benchmark comparison where the Benchmark had the unequal side length triangles more aesthetically correct by being symmetrical around center lines.  Bob Hayden said he had never noticed how they were on the Kalmbach prints and it seems he did correct it.  I suspect that because I noticed this detail, I might either be in great demand to be a judge at NMRA contests or perhaps forever rejected from being a judge at NMRA contests.



Charles E. “Chuck” Kinzer


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Yes, the index has grown some since then. And it's hard to believe that it was 2012 when the EE was published.

I do think the print quality is a bit better in the EE than the original Klambake versions, but that's somewhat subjective.



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