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Charles Kinzer

The expanded stuff is 12 pages of scans of various Pacific Fast Mail advertising photos from their catalogs and magazine advertisements.  (Yours truly provided them to Bob Hayden.)  I felt it was curious that Varney advertising was mentioned in “The Book” but PFM was absent.


The other four pages is a publication index provided by Jeff Witt.  There has no doubt been more items added to that index since the book was published.


I pointed out another error in the original book that only a fuss budget nerd like me seems to have noticed.  On the back cover the design has decorative triangles at the corners.  The triangles have unequal length legs and were not all oriented correctly.  They are correct on the Bob Hayden version.


Charles E. “Chuck” Kinzer


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I too went searching when my paper bound one which has more tape than binding holding it together finally was sealed in the archives as untouchable anymore. I wound up paying around $35 dollars for the hard copy. I got mine on E-Bay. Another idea is to check your local library as the one I bought was from some public library that had withdrawn it from circulation. Also can anyone tell me what is the expanded stuff in the special edition? .
The cost I saw on that was around $125.00. 



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