Re: The John Blanchard letters


I thought that the whole Gorre and Dephited section was saved and brought from the Irving street house. This view of French Gulch is just to the left of the Devils Post Pile
and that section which appears to be missing is actually which is just out of the frame to the right. The thing I find cute about this is the little bar stool in the left mid ground. which John probably sat on while making the area ( Acheing Back Mountains) Jeff's picture above is slightly to the right and shows the slope of the "Post Pile" also the double track is the Dephited siding which was altered form the original single track stub to a double track on a bridge headed west on the expanded G&D. Later on the final layout he cut those bridges and the track was curved up to make a wheel stop. Meanwhile the gastronic cruises by on the track below. Well there ya go, but that is just my understanding of the G&D and I was a just little kid in diapers on the other side of the country in Maine back in '56

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