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Russell Courtenay

Congratulations! I can see your bathroom visits lasting longer than usual in your future! Sorry, maybe I shouldn’t say that...

I’ll have to remember that Joe, I sold my beautiful hardbound copy to buy the Expanded Edition but when it finally sold the EE was sold out! Bob Hayden said he won’t be reprinting the EE, I think it took way too long for him to sell them. 

I will put it on a watch at Abe, every one on Amazon or eBay is either ridiculous in price or sells before I receive the notification that it is available!

Also watching for the Model Railroader 75 year Archive DVD, usually they go high but I have seen them sell (quicker than I can tap ‘but now’!) For under $20!

Russell Courtenay
July is national what month?

On Jul 4, 2019, at 8:43 AM, Joseph Melhorn <toyman@...> wrote:

I’ve had both the hardbound and softbound copies of the original release of “The Book” for many years now and still enjoy leafing through th pages, especially when someone on this list calls attention to a detail in a photo. I’ll grab the book and look to see what they are referring to. I missed out on buying the updated version of “The Book” when it was released some years back and recently decided to see if I could locate a copy. I checked all of my usual book sources, no joy! Prices were ridiculous, $100.00 or more, even over $250.00! Some months  ago, I went to and searched using the ISBN and the search turned up all of those high priced copies that I had mentioned earlier, but then I noticed that there was an option to add my search to a Want List. Well guess what, I got a notification on John’s birthday (July 2) that a copy of the revised edition was available from a bookseller for $19.95 and it was listed in “good” condition. I glommed onto it and made the purchase and this morning I got confirmation from the bookseller that it was still available and would be shipped on Friday. Miracles do happen! I’ll report back on the overall condition once I receive it.


Joe Melhorn

Sahuarita, AZ


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