Re: The John Blanchard letters

Randy Lee Decker <randyleedecker@...>,,,20,1,0,0    Well fun to speculate....   I was just a bit stunned as I thought Gorre was placed early on..  I am wondering if he had it so the legs were movable for a time...    please take a look at your photo from John in 1957 again Jeff.   The entire gorre mountain feature is nowhere to be seen and the angle the shot was taken from seems to put the cameraman right in Taylor Lake.    I am only fascinated by it as I am dealing with this now and if Gorre was there I'd be in real trouble to get around and work on the yard or even cross junction much less that back wall...   I know it was there...  He moved it from the old house so I am thinking it was still a movable section... in 1957.      Food for thought.     


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