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1953....   Well then I don't feel so bad at all then.     I did not know of the timeline in the 1961 magazine thanks for that Tom.   My God there is just so much info on that site.  What an archive these guy's built for John  !   


On Thu, Jul 4, 2019 at 12:25 AM Tom Hokel (Pine Ridge RR) <PR-Line@...> wrote:

Check Jeff's website and look at the scans of MR September 1961. You probably already have that magazine. It provides a great timeline of progress. John moved into the home in 1953. He got a lot done in those first eight years. Of course, he didn't show up at door empty handed. His final layout represented a lot more that just 20 years of work, as is frequently mentioned. In fact, it was almost 30 years!

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