The John Blanchard letters

Randy Lee Decker <randyleedecker@...>

-- Jeff, I am sort of shocked to see the construction photo that Allen sent to Blanchard in 1957.   In looking at the build photo's in the slides it has always seemed to me John had the Gorre peninsula situated very early on.  In fact, I thought Gorre was permanently there well before he had begin building bridges on this back wall section and French Gulch etc. 
       But this photo shows that sarea and there is no way Goore is there as it is far into where the photographer would be standing to take the picture.
  It's certainly not any earth moving revelation, but I find myself in the process of heading toward the yards soon and then working the back wall toward Devils Gulch...  I am skipping Gorre completely, in fact I have to remove some framework there......and get back to this area later as it will be right in the way and even make Scalp Mountain hard to work on if I build it to soon.    This is Johns second year of work in this photo. 1957... the earliest slides are from 1956.    Did he buy the place in 55 and do excavation then?
This is kind of alarming for me, as it looks like I will be matching his speed.     I must start going much faster.  That month I lost has put me way back...   And Port and Great Divide have been kicking my proverbial ass so far, and I have to do some of the yard and buildings before moving on.     I hope things fly like I expect they will when I hit the open country.   

 Anyway thanks for posting these letters here in the photos.   I hope more things will turn up like this.  I might have found another source.  Time will tell.       


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