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Bob Friddle

Yes, I do have a kit for the vb shay, it uses a powered truck and is a little crude, but hopefully a good starting point. Have some antlers too. Been watching for an affordable galloping goose but I really want that railbus! – maybe I can kit-bash it. And then there’s the CEO’s rail car…

You’ve got an eagle eye for detail, Randy, I will look again for those sidings. The trolley is going to have to wait for me because I want to get into the mountains first. I’ll have to take a selfie of me standing in my N scale port (no lift yet). Good thing I am still slim, but he knee strength it takes just to stand up straight in it didn’t occur to me when I planned it!



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Wow Bob a vertical boiler shay in N scale...  I suppose it is possible now... but my god the mechanical parts would be so tiny it would be a museum masterpiece as in Hon3 mine is really tiny.    

 I am glad the photo's help in anyway at all.  That was my original intention in this build as even though my room and design are slightly askew and a few areas are a bit cramped the overall troubles I get into are exactly the same things John dealt with.  The spot I am working now for a while, suffers from this phenomenon I am dealing with in my plans.   Right here, where the streets carry the electric lines into West Divide and the cutoff switch and tunnel entrance are a real choke point for me.   The dimensions of my room are about the same but I am missing the odd shape John had with a "large" alcove area behind scalp Mountain.    I had to pop out an addition to the addition I already put on the room and cut into part of an existing wall in the apartment in the other half of the garage to try and get the 27.5' John had to work with..  I am short by a few feet along that back wall.   So everything has been distorted slightly and I have to seal inches everywhere and anywhere I can to make this work. It is not like I dropped trace paper on his plans and went to work.   So this makes it really interesting and where I have extra room I intend to make good use of it and Make Joh Proud.. where I am tight I am trying to create the illusion of what he did the best I can.
     The Central Valley building would have been made 1/2" narrower than it is but I wanted to use those three windows that open up in front so they determined the smallest size I could possibly get away with.   I even recast and recarved the arched stone abutment so it could be as narrow as possible to save 5/8th inch.
  For fun  here's more trouble I am dealing with..... that might be of trivial interest...   The siding that spits on a switch up on the truss over the Purina building that runs over the coal tipple and above and behind the Orpheum Theater has two tracks back there.   It is not drawn that way and I am not sure if there is another switch I can't see or of the cars were just staged back in there.     There is the line in front of the West Divide Team and Transfer Station you can clearly see in the famous photo of Jim Findley on page 95, and then a track that has cars sitting in and under the transfer building behind this track.   Now I wonder if John had a switch down at the base of Witt Towers ?  OR...... this track might just explain why there is a track that Tom Hokel brought to my attention a while back in Johns plans on page 85. Look behind the Port Station, the siding is clearly attached to the high bridge track....  it has me thinking about some clever cutting as I have just enough space to make a track work by cutting into the wall there.

Fun stuff...  For what it is worth, these things should make everyone look again at Johns layout and have fun to try and figure out what he did and how he did it.   



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