Re: July 2nd

Randy Lee Decker <randyleedecker@...>

Well my solution to the public's need for railroad transportation on an unfinished electric line during the late 1940's might just be the same as the real thing.  ?

      I built the little truck from a gear drive out of some old N scale engine long ago...  It is not running well.. the others are the only HO scale buses I can find in my things.

I think cobblestone will look great especially on a sloping street where you can see the details better and up top you are very near the model so with the proper coloring it should work really well.    That is next.  Wow it is hard to work with models in front of you on anything.  it seems like they are a magnet for the handle of a tool and my elbow is a dangerous thing when it is backing up.   I can't imagine having this area finished and having to stick my arms out and work on something.   

John says....;    Breakfast is done boys , time to get back to railroad work....!    


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