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Bob Friddle

It just kills me what you guys have available in HO; this little gem, vertical boiler shays, climaxes. Hopefully some day I’ll have the time and talent to fab them in N scale and make John’s spirit proud. Happy birthday and cheers to you, Mr. Allen, thanks for setting such an impossibly high bar. We know you’re smiling down on us all!

Looking forward to pics and video, Randy, I am learning SO much from your work and progress pics!

My favorite black raspberry pancakes this Saturday for anyone who wants to come over (my berries aren’t quite ripe yet but I just picked up some outstanding jam)!


Gabriele Lines – Route of the Angels



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Hey Russell, that's the little critter.  I got it apart and oiled the poor thing this morning.. Runs like a top but it has been in a box now for nearly 40 years and who knows how long it sat before I bought it.   The front truck on mine has smaller solid wheels.    Working that last length of track to close the loop.   21'   Going to be all cobblestone streets. 


 Sometime after John buys the Great Divide the City will do an urban renewal project and run concrete over the top of them.    


                                     Happy Birthday John




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Is this what you have Randy? I really like the Mack AC railbus and engine, would love to find or build one in O scale. 

Russell Courtenay


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I got the electric line almost done.... and I threw a weight in an old Howell Day railbus so it will "make the grade" ......  I figure strawberry jam and pancakes and a train officially on the Great Divide.          Glad someone is still doing this stuff...   


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