Re: Any Ah ? Whimsical, Rebellious, Naughty, Funny or Downright Obnoxious/Annoying Scenes on YOUR LAYOUT - Hidden or Not ? or Neat and Tidy ?

Bob Friddle

The Vollmer station is a beauty, Mark, it might be appropriate for my Port location if I can find a big enough shoe-horn. I have seen many HO models with selective compression that are useful for N scale. Any steel truss bridge, basically, because the proportions of steel remain consistent. I am using Walthers’ HO train shed because their N scale shed is just too small. I assembled half of the shed and will back it up to a mirror and sell the other half. Walthers’ N scale Union station is also far smaller than the prototype here in St. Paul, maybe I will get the HO version. I briefly toyed with the idea of putting Walthers’ fabulous Milwaukee train station in my city background, but that won’t work unless I can surround it by other grand buildings and I don’t think I have the space. Might build it anyway because I lived in Milwaukee for many years. I’ve also been thinking lately about putting in HO scale tunnel portals so my local HO narrow gauge friends can run their trains…


Hey John N, what about your whimsical and naughty scenes?



Gabriele Lines



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My Brother circa 1963, created a Model Railroading/Model Motoring Layout....but it was mostly about the Scenery.
He hand crafted a woman on a beach towel sunning herself in the nude (Ho Ho Ho Scale he called it).
I was quite intrigued, being all of 10 years old at the time....So for my 11th Birthday, he bought me a subscription to Playboy.
Today if you get too close and look into the bedrooms of some of my Houses...Or up into the 8th Story of a 10 Story High-rise....
I mean who is gonna see if the blinds are open?

Yes, N Scale once again !
 I should probably mention....ONCE (Too late) you begin to add interior details and figures to buildings...
Begin again !?!?
Well...what happened to me....I began to recreate structures at 100% Authentic to Measured Scale a scale of 1:152.
Yet my figures often say 1:160 on the box...
Some of my structures say HO or even O Scale on their respective boxes.
Given the thickness of paper thin walls not being so paper thin.
That is not only Zero Compression...
but Compression the other way as in 120% to some interior rooms while the outside measurements then had to be 100% spot-on to actual scale.
>>>. This began to confuse my N Scale Layout as some Ready-Made Kit N Scale items are closer to Z Scale, yet !?!?
This German Made HO Scale Train Station....

> is actually too short to match an N Scale Foot Print for a Passenger Train Platform; but it's close at a 1:130 Scale...
Yes, I measured it given other known items in pictures with the prototype (cars). The model cuts off part of the prototype structure...By adding it back on...The Model becomes a close to measured N Scale Foot print.
Over time the prototype seemed to sink into the ground where as the surrounding roadways and path ways actually rose in altitude.
So...By first setting down the Model into a cut recess.. (Dremel Tools)
Then building up the surrounding scenery...N Scale Figures begin to Photographically fit into place.
I find myself often shaving the bottom of N Scale figures however; or drilling small holes for their feet to set down in.
That is unless. you like 8-10 foot high figure wandering around your layout.
N Scale (1:160) seem to do quite well with 1:152 Scale Structures; with a bit of work.
===== N Scale Layout with HO and O Scale components in a rather large combined Train-room of 25 x 35 feet....
Beyond all recognition of most Model Railroaders.
:)) Mark

Freight and Urban Basic Articulated Railway (For now mostly Flex Track) FUBAR
Meets at the 23 Skidoo Street Bridge to meet up with a 
Not really a Layout...a Meandering Kato Unitrack Departure around the Crown Ceiling of my House.
I want the Train to leave the Train Station...keep on running...go out of sight and then come back (hopefully) in a few minutes time.
I call this part of the overalls scheme...SNAP-FU.
Stockton N Articulated Passenger Freight and Urban.
Yes, I had to add the Passenger word for it really is about not seeing a passenger train in two stations at once.
However....!?!?!The problem with DCC in Sound with Kato Unitrack?
It Snaps together.
Great for those who don't mind crawling up onto their layout to push their trains along...but for those of us advancing in years....I do NOT plan on carrying a ladder with me to even clean the Kato Crown Ceiling Layout. When I am 94 years old I intend to hire a woman in a short skirt to clean my track. 
The sections of Kato Track are Soldered into 30 inch long segments, each one with it's own drop down lead.

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