Re: Screen captures, was Re: Track cleaning cars

Bob Friddle

Another option I have used with windows that you might find handy is to take a screen shot by pressing the alt and print screen keys simultaneously, then open up a word doc and edit - paste (or control and v simultaneously). Then when you click on the picture once to highlight it, you will see little boxes on the corners you can click on to move, rotate or re-size it, as well as a ‘picture tools’ option that will appear above the Format header. When you pick that, you will have a cropping tool as well as a wide range of picture and color effects. You can also click on pics within an email and find cropping tools under ‘format’ like I did for this pic.


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PC Windows 7...   Will check this out tonight...  That would be great if I can figure this trick out.  I am a hell of an old school model builder and master craftsman in many mediums,  but wow let me tell ya....The digital world including DCC and Computer programming has always been a complete mystery to me.    Thanks Joe


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