Re: Sway backed cars

Bob Friddle

Randy, don’t get me wrong, I may have some structural engineering savvy but I’m all for madcap experimentation! Maybe try building a ‘steampunk’ jig with adjustable bolts and applying a solvent to the back side??? I’m thinking it might be easier to control than hot plastic in a toaster oven… Great modeling can be hard work but it should be fun too.



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Hey guys my suggestion has not one thing to do with scientific principles or physics or engineering or structural load coefficients nor even good proper architectural planning.   I just thought it might be fun to see how many of these principles can be thrown out the window when plastic reaches a temperature where there is a breakdown of polymer adhesion.   It might be possible to get a stock car to sway rather nicely with just some small force once heated to the exact temperature.   In fact of you end up heating the oven until plastic SAGS or "Slumps" then you have gone to far with heating.    It is the exact time just before the plastic loses its adhesion that you can manipulate it ever so gently.      
Like I also said... it is probably not possible to do this and have it look good.....    It's not about right or wrong or foolish or brilliant or even luck....  it's just about the fun of trying, it just seems possible enough to give it a try.  A crazy hobby, is only as crazy as the people who imbibe it.



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