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Bob Friddle

Ciao Marco, and welcome,

As you may have seen, a number of us are building tribute layouts all over the country in many different scales and sizes. You’ll be interested to know that mine is named after my southern Italian wife’s mother’s family, Gabrielle, and will include the Barca mine (after her father) and the Russo yards, after her grandfather Franco, who came here and was a water boy for railroad construction crews. I plan to include him in a scene in the mountains.
I trust the new homeowner will be in touch. 
Buona fortuna!

Bob Friddle

Gabrielle Lines - Route of the Angels


On Apr 9, 2019, at 9:57 AM, marco via Groups.Io <marco@...> wrote:

Good evening to all the members of this fantastic group. My name is Marco, I'm an Italian journalist and a real admirer of John Allen's work and  life!
I'm sorry if the matter has been already discussed in the group, but I,m planning a trip to the San Francisco Area for job reasosn, and I'd like to write an article about John allen and his legendary layout.
I read Westcott's book and I',m aware that the layout has been destroyed by fire few days after Allen's death, but I'd like to know if the house still exist, if someone has rebuilt it  (perhaps by John brother's family / descendants?).
Should be a sort of "pilgrimage", I konw, but I really would like to visit at least the site.
Thansk a lot in advance for any help, indication, suggestion etc. on the matter!

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