Re: Q;uestion for group: Edited and therefor duplicated emails

Bob Friddle

Don’t beat yourself up too much about it Randy, I’m sure none of us spent time trying to figure out if/how the message was changed. 
If we must vote, I’m in favor of keeping the Edit function as long as we agree not to use it unless truly necessary. I won’t mind either way too much, Got a love the typo in the subject line!


Bob Friddle, COO

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On Apr 6, 2019, at 11:02 AM, Randy Lee Decker via Groups.Io <randyleedecker@...> wrote:

Well considering I just learned today from three personal emails from some of the decent guy's I've come to know in here, that this feature is sending each and any of my edits to everyone's email addresses (which is total overkill and a moronic inclusion to the programming on IO's part...) Darryl If this is how it works..?  BE GONE WITH IT....  "notification of edits"   seriously?  I've never heard of that before...  Ever.   I turned off my notifications, so I did not know.  How embarrassing to learn of this..... then NOW to see the administrator bring it up as a complaint because he is getting complaints.   I was told to deal with problems personally.....  interesting.
    Darryl, IMHO, If you have no option to disable edits as "automatic emails", I do not want my "edits" going to people's emails accounts over and over, that's really annoying.   I am very sorry to have exposed such horrid programming within such a useful and normally well liked feature.  Or perhaps I have exposed a click of a box for the administrator to use to fix this.    ?   

otherwise why would anyone NOT want the edit feature...?     What possible good reason can there be to not want to be able to edit a posting or fix a typo...?   

You won't have this trouble again from me.  At all.  How embarrassing to learn of this today.   How embarrassing to see it now used as a conversation.    

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