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Bob Friddle

Just received my package, Keith, and I am absolutely stunned! Thank you, thank you, thank you! More than I requested, and even some small parts that I think will fit in my N SCALE flat cars, how cool is that? Hopefully I can find someone who can tell me what some of these things are. Wish my electrical engineer dad was still alive. 
Randy said it all, you just can’t easily describe the feeling of receiving these. This means so much to me; I will treasure these ‘junk’ items for the rest of my life!

Thanks, Keith!

Bob Friddle

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On Mar 15, 2019, at 8:02 PM, Randy Lee Decker via Groups.Io <randyleedecker@...> wrote:

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I'd like to thank Keith publically for these incredibly precious items.  It is emotional to see and touch the charred remains of things that were in the room and then delve into the sad story of such an incredible life and then such an incredible model taken and gone from us, all within that short, horrible period of time almost 50 years ago now.   

Never have I had such a group of, worthless, ruined, burned objects sent to me that carry with them such precious reverence. I am actually proud to have them here. 
Anyway with all due respectful sadness,  I can't tell you how glad I am that it was Keith and his family that ended up with John's home.   We could have all lost so very much had this not been the case.
  The web site stands as testament to the accuracy of this statement and charitable events like this are what make this site and the people in it worthwhile.     

 I can't remember ever being that silent while opening a box before.   Keith    


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