Re: New Group Owner~!

Bob Friddle

Yay!!!!!! Thank you, Pat and Darryl, for all your work to keep this incredible and inspiring archive and messaging center rolling! John would be quite amused and humbled, I think. It will be an honor to contribute to the cost, and if I can help in any other way, please let me know. Full steam ahead!

Bob Friddle,

Gabrielle Lines - Route of the Angels



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Subject: [GandD] New Group Owner~!



Hello All your missing in Action Group Owner Pat Turner here.

I have just made Darryl Huffman the New Group Owner.

He asked me to do this and I am glad to return the favor as he asked me to take a group from him several years ago.

I am much more active on Facebook and I am doing a lot more modeling these days and selling a good bit on ebay.

As such I do not spend much time on Yahoo as I used to.



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