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Dale Smith

I don't think money or the will to do it is the problem.  We can't do it without an owner to invite the transfer agent from to become a moderator and make the changes.  The question is whether we should start a new group on   I did it for vintageHO but that was a "public group."  GandD is a "restricted group" meaning its contents are restricted to members.  This poses some ethical problems for transferring photos and files which were supplied by members under the rules that they would be shared only with other members.  Moving them to another group allows them to be seen by individuals who may not have been members of the Yahoo group.  That isn't a problem with a "public" group.  I doubt few would complain, but that is why transfer requires the owner to do it.   The transfer protocol brings the old members to the new group and assumes that the same owner moderator will be running the new group, so the same transferred members will be the only ones to see the messages and photos, subject to new members being admitted by the same moderator.   There may also be an ethical issue of transferring or rebuilding a group without the owner's knowledge or permission.

If we do go for a new group, I think the safest thing to do would be for the photo or file contributors to simply repost to the new group.  I would also recommend we wait until Yahoo goes belly up for good.  That would avoid the added problem of continued posts to the old group.  That could happen if they haven't read any message telling them of the new group.  People will still be getting the emails as long as Yahoo is functioning and will probably be replying there.    Because the appearance of the messages from both groups is so similar, most people won't pay any attention which group it is from.   Only the owner or moderator can shut down a group to posting.

Dale Smith

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It should be EASY to get some of this group’s member to pony up a few dollars if that is needed.  A very small consortium contributed quite a bit to make the Gorre & Daphetid Reminiscence Project ( a reality.  And that was vastly more time than the miniscule effort to move to  There are now 11,008 public groups at  And I’ll wager the lion’s share are Yahoo group escapees.


Charles E. “Chuck” Kinzer


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Transferring is easy and painless.  The only change is now is requesting the group owner become a premium subscriber for a period of one year to help offset the costs of all of the work behind the scenes reacting to yahoo move to keep the transfer functional.

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On 3/6/2019 11:18, 'John Hagen' sprinthag@... [GandD] wrote:

It’s not  that difficult. has a program that makes it quite easy, well, easier than one would think.

The members are transferred, the files and photos can be done through without coping and pasting.

I am members of several groups that did this. The only time there was problems was if there were no current owner of the Yahoo group. This must be done by the owner per Yahoo regulations. If not, then a new group must be formed and all files, photos and membership names only must be copied and pasted. And the members must physically join the new group, which is really easy to do.

I do wish this will be done here as I am very concerned about what will happen to Yahoo Groups.

John Hagen



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