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Randy Decker <randyleedecker@...>

I am sure someone will get Pat to take a few minutes to find the time to make a post and let us know his wishes.... This is his site, if for some reason Pat is not interested in things, either way, well then it is good to know we have guy's like yourself who have the ability to do this. 
  Perhaps Pat will need your guidance to do this..   it seems that would be the best case scenario.      

again IMHO

  I am a relative newcomer to this page. 

On Thu, Feb 7, 2019 at 4:48 PM 'John Niemeyer' reverend455@... [GandD] <GandD@...> wrote:

I have successfully transferred almost a dozen Yahoo groups to in the last 6 months. I’m willing to do the same with this one.
Is there any interest for me to proceed?
I have tried to contact Pat Turner recently with no response.
John Niemeyer

I have no idea how well Yahoo will continue to operate but with recent glitches it is easy to imagine not being able to access anything.. easy to see this whole thing dissolve.
Pat Turner, this sites owner, has a facebook page for the G&D he does not spend time in there either but has posted far more in there, than his own page he created here many years ago.   I ended my facebook account a while back because of the constant political spam... and now they will not let me begin a new account just for model railroad use in my name again.  They are a control freak outfit in my experience.
I bet a lot of guy's do not have facebook accounts nor want them, so this group would be well served in finding  a new home.
I have contacted Pat through email concerning these issues... but no response.  And I can't even see what is happening on Facebook anymore so I can't speak to him through that sites message system.  For what its worth I think someone would speak to him about this and soon.  Some of you guy's have known Pat for many years... perhaps someone could give him a call.
Seems like the time my be here.  Again just think it is foolish to do nothing.... as if not today, or even tomorrow but soon the Yahoo glitches will come an it may be to late t0 salvage things by then.  That really would be a shame after all this work and time invested in this group.

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